When I was in highschool I liked to remember facts and figures and loved mathematics. Algebra was my favourite topic and I could sit at my desk for hours making assignments to challenge myself. This however changed when I started traveling. My first large and own adventure – being an AuPair for one year in New Zealand – made me realize how important traveling is. It opened my eyes. You get to learn so much more about other cultures, start to appreciate what you have and learn about who you are. It sounds so cliché, but it is true though. I forgot about more and more facts and started to make experiences, remember and tell them – I love to tell them. Don’t ask me about any clothes brands or names of famous actors. Why should I know? It doesn’t have any added value. I prefer to remember stories and inspire others with them. I want to make you want to travel, to make you make experiences and tell your stories to others.

I am Regina, started to be addicted to traveling in July 2012 – the moment that I landed in New Zealand. For the reason that traveling started to be my passion and the tourism industry really interested me, I started to study International Tourism Management in Breda, Netherlands - Actually, I started to apply for the studies just a few weeks before I flew to New Zealand, after I watched the Panamericana road trip on television and started to realize how beautiful the world is and how great it would be to combine traveling with a career - My studies made it possible to make even more valuable experiences. Study trips to Paris and Valencia and a four week research project in Myanmar and Thailand, which was incredible. Myanmar is such a special country, so different from everything else, the people are so hospitable, I felt save every moment I was there – what many people do not expect – and the country is so beautiful.

Last autumn I did my exchange semester in Porvoo, Finland and now I am living in Malaga, Spain to do a five months internship at Malaca Instituto. I want to see the world, not only from a tourist perspective, but mainly from the perspective of an inhabitant. I want to experience how a country, region or city really is.

I do really hope you like my stories and that they may inspire you to travel. Please share your thoughts! 🙂

Enjoy reading!

Liefs Regina