It feels like I just came to Spain a few weeks ago, but now I am already sitting “at home”, thinking back at the incredible time I had. I keep wondering how it comes that time passes by so fast, especially if you are having a good time. Five months, it’s not nothing, but right now it felt like nothing. The first step I set on Dutch ground I directly was soaked of rain and wondered why the * I decided to go back to the Netherlands and wondered when the next flight to Málaga would go … but he, live moves on, and it is also good to see your family and friends again.


In the past weeks, I didn’t sit still for a minute.

I finally made it to Granada, which indeed is a lovely, rather small, city, in between the mountains. Friday evening, around dinner time (21.00h) I arrived at the hostel where I directly met some great people with whom I had dinner and ended up spending my whole stay in Granada with. Eating in Granada is the best! With every drink you order, you receive a free tapa, and not just a small one. The more drinks you order, the bigger and better the tapas get. The other side of the story is that you get tipsy rather quick, but before going out, this is just perfect. The next day we strolled through the streets of the old city centre and walked up various viewpoints where you have a great view over the city and at the Alhambra. The city has a lot of Arrabic influences, which great a special and interesting feeling. A city completely different from all the other cities and villages I have visited in southern Spain.

Sunday morning I had to leave the city early, because Fabia and I were invited by our work-colleague Nathascha to have lunch with her and her friend in a special Indian restaurant more in the inland of Málaga. The place was beautifully located next to an unrealistic blue lake on the side of a mountain. And the food … hmm … delicious!!

I also finally managed to walk the “Caminito del Rey”, a hike which I had to do before I would return because it looked so adventurous! Now I can say that it is a hike everybody should do when being in southern Spain!! What a special hike and how beautiful!! Already the bus drive through the green mountains and along another unrealistic blue lake was so pretty, let alone the view from the cliffs down the river!! The Caminito del Rey is a newly renovated track of 7.7 kilometres from which you walk 2.9 kilometres over a wooden path which is connected to the cliff, up high, along a river. So so beautiful!! If I would have known that the area was so green, I would have come earlier and more often. Only 45 minutes by train from Málaga city and so different.

caminito-del-rey-malaga (2)
caminito-del-rey-malaga (7)
caminito-del-rey-malaga (5)

The same applies to “Playa Bolonia”, a beach close to Tarifa in the south south of Spain, where I went on a Saturday with an organized tour. A beach you kinda have to go to ones you are in southern Spain. Also here the area is so much greener than Málaga and it looks perfect for hiking. And the beaches … omg! White sand, where you want to walk in with your barefoot, and the sea look as blue and clear as in the Caribbean. A super relaxed day, lying on the beach, swimming in the sea and dancing with a cold Tinto de Verano in my hand on the music provided by the tour.

A day like in heaven ^^

playa-bolonia-tarifa-spain (2)

Yet not every day in the last weeks were like heaven, omg, we have had some terrible hot days! The first day is was 39 degrees, is was hot, but doable … going to the beach and just not doing nothing at all … But when the temperature didn’t go down 35 degrees at night, I realized that the summer in Málaga wouldn’t be a good summer for me. The next day I even had to go shopping to cool down in air conditioned stores.  Luckily the extreme heat was this time only for two days, because my mood didn’t get much better 😛

I am not made to not do anything at all in a day.

Luckily in the office they also had air conditioning through which I did not mind staying sometimes a little longer. Working on the ‘Destination Analysis’ of Málaga or making another short video, because yes, we finished the promotional video!! The feeling that it was finally done and published was so releasing! We have been working on this for more than four months and especially the last weeks have been quite tuff because it seemed impossible to find the right music for a little price. We have been searching and searching and just before we wanted to give up, we found it! Not perfect, yet quite suitable. And thereby we were able to finish the video off and finally publish it! It is weird to see “our” video being published on Vimeo and Facebook and watched by so many people, but the responses of everyone made me so happy and also a little proud that we, without any prior knowledge, have been able to make this.

After five months it felt like we belonged in the office and it was therefore pretty sad to say goodbye. On the last Friday we brought a cake and other snacks and at noon we came together and had a last talk. The first time we came all together like this was in February, when I did not speak much Spanish and so had no clue where everybody was talking about, but now I could follow the conversations and have a talk with the others. It was great to hear that everyone was very satisfied with us and I was quite sad to leave, yet it still felt as if I would normally come to work the next Monday.

The last thing I wanted to do before I would fly home was to go one more time to the Salsa & Bachata evening in Chiquita Cruz. This month I discovered how fun those evenings are and so went the last weeks every Wednesday and Sunday. A small bar with swinging music, people from all over the world, dancing  and drinking together and having a laugh. Every time I went there my Salsa and Bachata “skills” (haha) became a little better, so now I have to continue! I already looked for places to go to in Breda – where I will continue studying after summer – and hope that these will be as entertaining and international as in Málaga.

We will see, but I can’t wait to have a look!!

So yeah, this is it! Back home – as much as you can call it home. In the coming time I will keep updating my blog with pictures of Spain and write about my next little adventure, my holiday to Switzerland! So you won’t get bored 😉

Thank you for reading!

Liefs Regina

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