I knew it would be very different, but this extreme … I did not expect!

People suddenly talk to strangers, bus rides aren’t quiet – silence can’t be found in general – chaos on the streets, people ‘live’ outside, 300 sunny days a year, no endless forests but incredible high and rocky mountains and of course the turquoise blue sea … I don’t think there is a country which is more opposite from Finland than Spain.




This was probably also the reason I was pretty shocked the day I arrived and asked myself what the hell I was doing in southern Spain. I so much enjoyed the quietness, the easiness to get around, and the beautiful forests where you can easily get lost, of Finland … how could I possible feel at home in the centre of a huge city with 567.000 inhabitants, in a flat on the 10th floor, a city where you have to fear for your life every time you cross a street and it at least takes 30 minutes to get to a place where you can breath and don’t walk into a person every second …

What did I do to myself?!

Luckily my roommate was so kind to show me around the centre the next day to show me that Malaga has other aspects which make it a beautiful city to live in. The charming old buildings, churches, castles, massive cathedral, cute tapas restaurants, nightlife, mountains in the background of the city and of course the sea … The last one makes me love Malaga the most! Every morning when cycling to work my heart starts beating faster – not because of cycling – but because of the marvellous sea. The colour, the peacefulness, the smell … I surely want to live close to the sea later! ?




In the centre I still have difficulties finding my way – due to all those small, maze-like streets – and I try to avoid the overcrowded buses, nevertheless, every day I feel more and more at home.

Maybe also because of the lovely people at my internship place – Malaca Instituto. I got welcomed by my colleagues not by a handshake, but by two kisses on the cheeks, received insight tips on where to eat and what to do around Malaga and got a Spanish recipe book to borrow. If you ask something, they do everything to help you. So lovely!

Besides that, my fellow ‘Spanish’ students are great fun! People from all over the world, all different ages and different types of persons study Spanish together and enjoy their time in Malaga. I not only follow Spanish courses with them in the morning, but also join most of the activities organized for them in the afternoon, evening and weekends, in order to take pictures for the social media pages of Malaca Instituto. Tours organized are; a Tapas tour, olive-route tour, a trip to Sevilla, Antequera, Nerja, Ronda and much more … A good way to get to know each other even better. Through this, in only two weeks I have been in so many places, received so much information about southern Spain and build up friendships, that it feels like I have already been here for weeks instead of only three weeks.


Time to discover Malaga myself wasn’t there, however, I cannot complain with an internship like this where you get the possibility to see so much of the surroundings of Malaga, learn Spanish and of course get to do a lot of research about social media and get to produce a promotional video for the company! How great is that! It is going to be a huge challenge and a lot of work, but it’s also so exciting and instructive!


The coming five months enough to write about I guess ?


Thank you for reading!
Liefs Regina




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