Summer in Málaga … at least, that is what most foreigners think who are in Málaga. Everyday more than 20˚C, lots of sun, so it’s time to walk around in shorts and go to the beach. Quite some people in swim clothes on the beach and a few already go into the freezing cold sea – including myself. The Malaqueños however have a whole different perception of “Primavera” (Spring) in Málaga. Nerja-swimming-seaWindy, cloudy and rainy. No, summer is still far away. This difference in perception of weather causes odd contrasts in the streets and especially along the coast. Foreigners in summer dresses or shorts next to inhabitants in winter jacket and scarf … I prefer the middle way though – t-shirt and jeans – for the Netherlands I would consider the weather here as perfect summer weather, but yeah, also I quickly got used to warmer temperatures and prefer a jacket when its windy. And how should I survive summer if I would already walk around in shorts right now?

Luckily I leave a bit earlier, as in July and August it will be around 40˚C every day, every day!

Malaga-centre-calle-lariosThe advantage of the temperatures being so high in summer – and also because of the siesta – is that the shops are open till 9 in the evening. After work, I make dinner and then I can still go for shopping – how nice is that! The days feel so much longer and you can get a lot more out of it =) Besides this, the atmosphere in the streets is so good in the evening since there are still so many people around. In Málaga it seems like all people come out of their houses in the evening. People go for an evening stroll, eat tapas with friends and family or just enjoy the atmosphere. Completely different from a weekday in Helsinki or Breda, where it’s just empty.


Woohoo! And it’s the end of the month, which means …

time to go climbing!

Yesterday we went to Ronda to make the area unsafe ^^ Ronda is a beautiful, super old city – I thought it was a village, but it’s quite big actually – where you can find residues/remains of, inter alia, the 12th century throughout the city. Old city walls, remains of a caslte, of stairs in the rocks … it looks so picturesque! And we have been climing inbetween those ruins. It took us quite a while to clime up, which might also have been because of the hundreds of pictures I took … oeps. It was so funny, when we reached the top, you saw all people looking so surprised, because for them we came out of nowhere, haha. Later we drove to another place for climbing, yet sadly this track was too hard for most of us … still need to have some more practise before I am able to do a level C track. But I will surely do it before I go home, because it looks so amazing!

Furthermore, in the past weeks I have been a day to Marbella and a day to Nerja. I knew Marbella wouldn’t be something for me, nevertheless I kind of had to go there to see it with my own eyes since it is a very well know tourism place at the Costa del Sol. Already on the bus ride to Marbella I became disgruntled by seeing all those massive hotels right next to the beach, no beautiful coastline, just buildings. If those hotels would have been built in a “Spanish style” and not too dominant it would have been fine, but this was just too much! Concrete blocks of ten high or even higher. Ugly and massive, and completely blocking the view over the sea from the houses in the inland. Such situations make me dislike tourism. I just don’t get that people want to spend their holiday in a an all-inclusive massive concrete hotel, where they get stuffed of food and only see their hotel room, the beach, and maybe the city centre. Why?

So yes, that was how I felt when I was driving towards Marbella. In the end I had a very enjoyable day. We walked along the beach from the tourist area to the port which is the area where all rich people live. A walk of 6 km which was more green than expected.


Yet my day in Nerja was a thousand times better! What a cute white village! We walked all the way from the caves to the village what led to picturesque views. The mountains, those cute, white houses and the sea … I couldn’t wish for more! ^^ When going toward the centre we walked passed a little beach which was sheltered in huge rocks, so innocent and so attractive, I just had to go there and had to go into the sea, no matter how cold it was! The sea took my breath away, but it was totally worth it! The water here is so clear and blue, it’s like being in paradise.

Those places make me happy! =)

Nerja-white-village-coast (4)

I was wondering how it comes that I like it more and more to try out all different recipes, but I think that it’s because of the big market which is around the corner. You can get everything you want and it is unbelievable cheap! A treat to go there ^^ From fruits, vegetables to dried fruits and nuts to fish and meat. Every week I go there and come back with bags full of fresh food. Besides this, also the supermarkets have everything you could wish for for a good price. Before I came to Spain I had never cooked with dried beans, and now I don’t do anything else than using them in my recipes. My interest – by the time probably “passion” – in cooking is already that extreme that I bought a Spanish recipe book.

Now I can make all those delicious paella’s and tapas myself!!

Not only am I busy with improving my Spanish cooking skills, also am I still working on finding ways to improve my Spanish language skills. Last Monday a met the first time with the daughter from one of my colleagues to do a language exchange. For one hour we talk in Spanish and for one hour in English. A great – and I think one of the best – way to improve my speaking skills! We talked about so many things through which I not only got to speak a lot of Spanish, but also got to know more about Málaga and Spain. Very interesting and fun!

It looked so far away, but next week my parents are already coming! I am very much looking forward to see them again and to our little road trip through the south! Málaga – Gibraltar – Sevilla – ‘Sierra Nevada’ – Málaga. I have never been alone on holiday with my parents, so I am quite curious how it’s going to be ^^

Thank you for reading!

Liefs Regina

Nerja-plaza-europa-sea (2)

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