Already more than four months in Southern Spain have passed by and till now I did not have that much time to enjoy the beautiful landscape, particularly beaches, over here – I know, you probably see quite some jealous making pictures popping up on Facebook, but hé, they are taken in some of the 19 weekends, during the week I work like every other employee just in a little more tropical surrounding ^^ – so this is going to be changed. The coming (and also last :() two weeks I won’t follow Spanish classes anymore – going from a beginners level to level B2 is quite satisfying I believe – so I will be able to finish work early and go to the beach, beach!

After cycling every morning and evening past the appealing turquoise blue sea, I will now most probably be swimming in it … every day!


Surreal, how fast the time went by. I started realizing this at the beginning of June and quickly started planning all things I still wanted to do before going home … which means I completely stuffed calendar ^^ Last Saturday I for example went to Nerja to walk up the river Chillar. A hike with an organized group – which I would normally never consider, but without it would be impossible to get to the river – yet it was very nice and you could just take your time. We walked up the river for three hours until we reached a beautiful waterfall, where we settled to enjoy the view and have a swim, paradise! Along the way, over slippery stones, through the forest and massive rocks, the water most often wasn’t too high, though great for cooling down.13344498_1177841058904953_7250521139347241850_n

The day after it was time to party, not just a party, no, a pool-party! With three busses full of students we went to a restaurant just outside Málaga. From the restaurant, with massive terrace and pool, you had a stunning view over the sea.

With 26C, a large pool, tinto de verano and good music, it was a perfect day!!

Before you start thinking that I don’t work, I can proudly inform that we (me and Fabia, the other intern) finished the Promotional video for Malaca Instituto! Quite happy that we finally finished it after working on it for four months, every day. Research on how to make a promotional video – cause we had seriously no clue how to do this! – more research about video editing and the target group, film testing, filming, joining some activities for filming – not too bad ^^ – video editing and searching for the right music – this was the hardest I guess! How complicated those rules are! In the end I am very contented with the result, especially if you take into account that we had no experience, and I can look back at a fun time going to all different places to capture the best moments. Now it is time to finish the reports for university and probably make some more short movies – we can’t get enough of it – and then it is already time to say goodbye …promotion video 2

Last week I managed to have an interview with one of the directors of the city-hall of Málaga and with one of the directors of the tourism board ‘Costa del Sol’. I was so thankful that they were willing to use an hour of their valuable time to talk with a student who needs to have information for a destination analyses. And it was super interesting! The first interview mainly because the man knew so much about the development of Málaga, when it started to change, how and why it changed, but also his personal story was very interesting. Marc moved from the USA to Spain years ago and we kept talking about the cultural differences. The interview with Bélen was very fascinating because of her passion for the ‘Costa del Sol’. She could talk for ages about the destination and tell all little details and make you feel that you have to go there to not miss out on anything. Comares-climbing-rocks-viewThrough the talk with here I got more insight on what it means to work for a tourism board and know now quite sure that this is what I want!


It feels like ages ago, but in the past month I have been climbing again! We went another time to Comares, yet this time did the difficult route with all different kind of obstacles. At I don’t know how many meters high, we climbed up, walked around a rock, over a thin cord, over trunks and jumped from one rock to the other – shaking legs, but I love the adrenaline kick! ^^ I also visited Barbara in Sevilla. After having seen all tourist spots during the road trip with my parents, it was so nice to see daily life in Sevilla, people running in the park, cycling around, going to the market, lying at the river … We got our bikes too and enjoyed the beautiful weather with eating an fruity ice-cream and some crispy churros with creamy hot chocolate, hmmm!

Two weeks left … a trip to Granada, walk the Caminito del Rey, lunch with colleagues, go to the last tapas restaurants on my list and of course go to the beach! No time to sit stil ?

Liefs Regina


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