The first thing I see when I open the curtains in the morning are mountains

when I cycle to work I see them, as well as when the colours of the sunset create stunning silhouettes. How can I not look forward to the weekends to walk up another mountain. I don’t know why they fascinate me … but they do!



The challenge to find/stay on the right track, the exercise, the view which gets better and better with every step, the satisfied feeling when reaching the top and of course the reward when making it back. You get time to think, to better get to know the people you are walking with and get to see beautiful views and landscapes which not everybody else gets to see. It is something special and I every time feel pleased that I am able to do this.

Two weeks ago we hired a car and drove in direction Antequera. Here we visited well-known “El Torcal” which indeed is stunning. I don’t know if you know the Pancake rocks in New Zealand, but these rocks resemble each other in a way. As far as you can look you see strangely shaped rocks where you can walk through for more than an hour. Carefully walking on and in between the rocks to not slip, you are stunned time by time. And the view from the top of the rocks is just incredible! How far you can look, we could even see the sea!

eltorcal-pancake-rocks (3)
eltorcal-pancake-rocks (4)
eltorcal-pancake-rocks (2)

As if this wasn’t enough for the day, we also went rock-climbing near Villanueva del Rosario, close to El Torcal. José, our Chilean friend, and his son brought their climbing gear through which we got to climb up another rock! This one seemed higher and longer than the one I have done before, not easy, but for sure great fun! And the adrenaline … I like!

mountain-climbing-villanueva (3)
mountain-climbing-villanueva (6)
mountain-climbing-villanueva (4)
mountain-climbing-villanueva (5)

As it might appear, climbing up mountains is not the only thing I do ^^

However, because of the Spanish lessons and my internship during the week, I don’t have as much time to do something as I had in Finland. After all, my internship is getting more and more interesting since we have started filming for the promotional video last week. We joined some activities like a tapas evening and an excursion to Córdoba, which nevertheless turned out a lot more difficult to film than thought and went to the airport. It was so weird to go to an airport with a big camera and tripod and try to be as invisible as possible. But it worked out and the outcome is pretty good I think. There is still a lot of work till we will be able to put all shots together, some days it seems impossible – mainly the days it really doesn’t work out as you hoped to, and other days I get so excited and believe that we will get there … we will see.

Also my Spanish is improving quite well! Last Friday we had a drink with José, Javier and other Spanish speaking people, and I honestly surprised myself with my ability to express myself and to understand others! Of course, I do still make a lot of grammar mistakes – which I find quite normal when you get taught 7 tenses and there are even more to come – but I can just tell what I like to tell and can have a laugh. It was so fun, and I really hope to keep improving my Spanish!

I also had my first visit ever when living abroad! Janita lived with me for a week ? Somehow it was a little weird to have someone from your life “back home” being part of your life here, yet I loved to be tour-guide in “my” city! Showing around the places I like to go, explaining about what is ‘normal’ in Málaga, introducing to the tasty tapas and to my friends here. It is incredible how much we did in one week and I hope I have been able to make her more familiar with this lovely city!


Not only was that week special cause my friend visited, but also because it was “Semana Santa”, which is celebrated very large in Málaga. For more than a week – day & night – several processions were going through the streets of the city – and they somehow always seemed to cross our street as well, which meant no sleep … Hundreds of people walking with a sort of ‘throne’ decorated with candles and flowers and on top a suffering Jesus or a sad Maria. It was so special to be part of this tradition, it really is something extraordinary, hard to understand for someone who hasn’t experiences it. Since Semana Santa is an important tradition to the Malagueños, I will soon write a post about this to further explain.




Today I am writing my blog while comfortably sitting on my bed in the sun, but my next posts will almost certainly be written from the beach! The weather here is so good! In general is hasn’t been really cold the past months – only in the nights because the walls are as thin as paper – but since the beginning of Semana Santa the weather is great every day. Always around 20 degrees and so much sun. When Janita was here, we have even been able to lie on the beach in bikini, and it is only the beginning of April!


For me it is hard to understand that the weather can be good for so many days in a row and that the sun can shine almost every day, but I love it! It makes me so happy ^^


Luckily still three months to go!

Liefs Regina


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