Stunning Switzerland!

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I have been living in many different places, yet lately it struck me that I especially seem to get along very well with Swiss people through which I decided that this was the moment to book a flight and visit … Continued

All good things come to an end

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It feels like I just came to Spain a few weeks ago, but now I am already sitting “at home”, thinking back at the incredible time I had. I keep wondering how it comes that time passes by so fast, … Continued

Summer, or not yet?

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Summer in Málaga … at least, that is what most foreigners think who are in Málaga. Everyday more than 20˚C, lots of sun, so it’s time to walk around in shorts and go to the beach. Quite some people in … Continued

When you realize you love climbing …

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The first thing I see when I open the curtains in the morning are mountains when I cycle to work I see them, as well as when the colours of the sunset create stunning silhouettes. How can I not look … Continued

Good times in Málaga

Woohoo! Finally a more relaxing week through which I really got to enjoy my time here and dwell on all great things I have done till now. Although … the most spectacular thing I did was last Saturday I guess. I got … Continued