Woohoo! Finally a more relaxing week through which I really got to enjoy my time here and dwell on all great things I have done till now.

Although … the most spectacular thing I did was last Saturday I guess. I got invited with some friends to go rock-climbing in Comares (Axarquia) with some Chileans and Frenchmen – crazy moment foreseeable 😛 It was only 45 km away from Málaga, but it felt like it took us hours to get there. Those absurd winding road, which never seemed to stop. When you thought you were almost there, you needed to drive around another mountain … a strong stomach was requested! Nevertheless, those winding roads also provided us with the most stunning views over the mountains till the sea. Beautiful!

After exploring Comares we continued our journey to “Fuenta Gorda” for climbing. Already before the cars were completely unpacked, the Chileans started making music with their instruments – and everything else they could find – and danced all around the place.



Those people made my day!

While a part of us prepared the food for the BBQ, the rest got installed for rock-climbing. When I was younger, I used to climb in the highest trees behind our house and on holidays on every rock I saw, but now I got to do the real work! How excited I was … I just had to go twice. It wasn’t that easy, but a lot less scary than I thought it would be! When we reached to top, it felt like such an achievement, and the view from up there, stunning!

axarquia-comares-rock-climbing (3)
axarquia-comares-rock-climbing (5)

It was super cold, the second time I went up, we even ended up in a hailstorm, but this didn’t affect the mood. Singing and dancing around the BBQ, eating grilled potatoes, zucchini and of course the best chicken in the world ^^ haha.

How much fun!

Besides the trip to the mountains, the trip to Córdoba last week really impressed me, especially “Mezquita” which is a stunning building in the historic centre of Córdoba that partly functioned as mosque and partly as cathedral. A massive building where you can walk around for hours, extraordinary, and the details … a very special place where you have to go if you can! I could not stop taking pictures and of course ended up with more than 200 :$ Also the castle is word a visit, mostly because of the spacious and beautiful garden as well as the view from the tower over the city.


Apart from visiting many other cities and villages around Málaga (Sevilla, Antequera, Ronda, … – where I will write about another time) I enjoy my time in Málaga with strolling through the streets of the city centre – still every time discovering new places – drinking wine – I can finally drink wine again, it’s so cheap here! – and eating tapas with fun people who also try to learn Spanish, soaking up sun at the beach while staring at the sea – soon I have to get in there, no matter how cold it is! – and trying to talk in Spanish with my roomies.

Days fly by, unbelievable!

Places where love going the most till now are – of course – the beach/coast including the renovated harbour (it is not as windy as at the beach, and those boats …) and to the main market “Mercado Central Atarazanas”. Only walking around here already is an experience, but the food … hmmm delicious! Sweet oranges, taste tomatoes and peppers … so many colours and so much choice. The first time I bought my fruits and vegetables there, I walked away with two fully packet bags for only €1,80! I couldn’t stop talking about it, I was so impressed ^^

Oh and I shouldn’t forget to mention the weather … In the Netherlands we have this saying “March stirs his tail” which means that the weather is very changeable in March – and that is exactly what February is in Málaga! This Tuesday I was sitting in shorts on the beach, 21˚C , enjoying the beautiful weather. Saturday people walked around with hats and cloves, it was extremely windy and only 9 ˚C – okay, people walk around here with a hat and cloves quite quickly, but still … such a difference! It wouldn’t be too bad if you would know that it can get pretty cold here, but most visitors don’t – including me – and didn’t take enough hoodies to stay warm … besides this, the houses are just not made for the cold. This morning I woke up, teeth chattering, it was only 13 degrees in my room. Next week is forecasted to be warm again, so I will be fine 🙂

It’s even snowing!

Looking forward to new adventurous ^^

Liefs Regina


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